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About Mineral Body Wraps

sidebar.jpg Our exclusive mineral body wrap process can help you look your best and we can do it in just 60 minutes! No surgery, no astronomical costs and best of all, no weeks of recovery!
If you have been dieting and trying to lose weight, our body wraps will help you see the results faster. As you diet and lose weight, the skin remains loose. Our mineral body wraps will tighten your loose skin, visibly decrease cellulite and make you look and feel terrific!
When you come in we'll measure various parts of your body (calves, thighs, hips, waist, upper arms, bust, etc.) and weigh you. Then we'll wrap you in bandages that have been soaking in our mineral solution. After just 60 minutes we'll un-wrap you and re-measure you telling you how many total inches you've lost. You'll feel energized and ready to go!

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