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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I allow for a body wrap?
Allow 1½ to 2 hours for your first wrap as we need to measure and weigh you before we wrap you. This time also allows for the time it will take to wrap, unwrap and re-measure you, as well as the 60 minutes that you are wrapped. Following visits should take less than 1½ hours as not all of the steps will need to be repeated.

What do I wear to be wrapped?
Women are wrapped in a bra and panties (both should preferably be cotton). Men are wrapped in swim trunks (preferably cotton). Bring a change of under garments since what you are wrapped in will be wet.
How will I benefit from this wrapping process?

Have you recently lost weight but don't notice a change in the way your clothes fit? Our wrapping process will tighten and tone your loose skin. People will be remarking how much weight you've lost! Do you need to fit into that pair of jeans or special dress fast? Being wrapped is for you as results are immediate. If you retain water you'll find that being wrapped will help reduce and slenderize your problem areas.

What will your body wrap do for my skin?
After your first wrap you'll notice that your skin is softer, smoother and tighter. If you have problem skin you'll find that our body wrap will help you too. Older or less active clients will find that our body wrap will tighten their loose skin from either weight loss or aging.

What do you mean that you can change the shape of my body?
We can wrap tighter in some areas, like your waist and lift in others, like your bottom. We improve and contour your body into the "perfect shape" for both you and your body.

What will your body wrap do for cellulite?
Cellulite is water-logged fatty tissue that is visibly less noticeable after your first wrap! You will see less and less dimples and ripples after each wrap.

Will your body wrap help my sagging/double chin?
Definitely! When we wrap you we wrap ALL of you, including your neck and face.

How many times can I be wrapped?
Depending on certain factors you could be wrapped once or twice a week or month. If needed you could be wrapped 2 - 4 times a day if you need to fit into your wedding dress, tuxedo or have a reunion or photo shoot scheduled. If you are actively losing weight you may want to be wrapped once a week until you reach your ideal weight. Once you've achieved the look you want you should come in 3 or 4 times a year to maintain the look.

What do you mean by total inches lost?
Total inches lost is figured out by adding up the difference between your before and after wrap measurements. Before you are wrapped we take various measurements of your body and then again after we un-wrap you. So if your total inches (adding up all the measurements) before we wrapped you were 146 inches and after we wrapped you were 123 your total inches lost would be 23 inches!!

Will I feel tired or need to shower after my wrap?
No. Most clients feel energized and clean after their wrap. There will be no need to shower afterwards or drink a gallon of water as our wraps won't dehydrate you either.

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